SHOP WITH ME - Reike Nen Seoul.

As I love visiting stores and going shopping, I wanted to do something related to it. So, I decided to do some kind of "project". It can be a shopping trip or it can be a meetup with unique individuals. To begin with, I visited a showroom of Korean shoes brand "Reike Nen"


Last update was about me wearing some colour and now I'm back to black as usual. These t-shirt and jeans are from the same brand called "13MONTH". I found them while I was looking for some Korean fashion brands and I fell in love with their collection! What I love the most about these jeans is the raw hem detail and it makes these jeans special.

CUTE STORE IN SEOUL - STYLENANDA Pink Hotel in Myeongdong.

Style Nanda has one of the successful online stores in Korea and they have opened their 3rd flagship store called "Pink Hotel" in Myeongdong, Seoul. I'm a huge fan of Wes Anderson and his films are my favourite. When I first saw the pictures of Style Nanda Pink Hotel, I felt a bit of The Grand Budapest Hotel vibe!