I like to wear black but I like colouring my hair


Hair products

I was bored of blonde hair and I didn't like the yellowish colour on me that much. So, I bought some hair dye products from Directions and decided to dye my hair by myself but still I wasn't sure if I should dye Lagoon Blue or Lilac or Grey. Well, grey tone(Silver) was kinda safe choice for me because I've already done the colour before and I exactly knew how it would be like on me after but the other one was tricky. I wanted something that's blueish but has emerald colour a bit ? or maybe icy blue ? I wasn't really sure.


Therefore, I did some experiments!

I mixed them together with some hair conditioner,  1 (lagoon blue+lilac)  :  1 (conditioner)  because they looked so vivid and I wanted to fade its colour. If you mix the conditioner with hair dye product, you can make vivid colour to pastel tone. Also, I shampooed my hair as soon as I finished applying the hair colour.

After a few tries, it made me even more confused and then I thought ' Maybe I'll just try this and if it goes wrong, I can cover it up with grey! '

I just dyed my hair and this is what came out.

It was different from what I was expecting but I'm happy with the result!
But I'll definitely bleach roots area before I apply the colour next time.