Linus' BBQ - American Style BBQ in Seoul.

Linus' BBQ is American style BBQ place in Seoul. I was really disappointed after I went to several places that I found on internet. I was hoping this place to be good and YES! This one was really good! I first found out this place on Instagram and was looking forward to visit. I think this place is already very popular and famous. There were many people on the queue and waiting to eat when I visited.

I didn't make an appointment so I had to wait for about half an hour but I didn't mind at all. There were some chairs you can sit and the atmosphere was good. The location is between two subway stations. If you take a subway, get off from Noksapyeong exit 4 or Itaewon exit 4.

It seemed most people have platter menu so we ordered twos platter for us two. Two's platter comes with pulled pork, brisket and butter toasted 6 slider buns, AND! also you can choose 3 sides and we chose fries, mashed potato with gravy and coleslaw.

YUM! The portion looks a bit small for two adults but when you start eating, it is quite a lot and you can also order more of mini buns. Both meats are delicious but I really liked pulled pork! It was tender, melt in your mouth kind of texture. You can make your own hamburger with the buns and meats. 

Tasty food, chill vibe! Good to go with friends to have dinner and beer!