Not Yours

I don't know why my hand is on my head all the time. Maybe I'm still little awkward when I take pictures or is it kind of habit? Anyway,  yeah! I know I keep uploading all black looks and it's black again but I can't help it. Black is like my comfort zone and also, black is one of my favourite colour! I wore some items that I am actually selling on my store(yooddstore). Those are from brand called Valfre. I first found out this brand from my friend. She's a fan of their illustrations which are really nice and told me about the brand.

Top: Valfre / Pants: AA / Choker: Valfre / Hat: Weekday

This is closer shot of the choker. I really like this! love the details!

Also, Valfre has really cute i-phone cases as well. This one is called Bruno case and the picture is from my friend. :)  Btw, it's a NEW YEAR now!! Time flies! I wish you all a very happy new year! xx


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