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Top: Oui Tank (YOODDSTORE) / Shorts: Festival Denim Shorts (YOODDSTORE) / Hat: Good Life Hat (YOODDSTORE)

There's song called "Say yes or no" in Korea and somehow it reminds me that song when I look at my oui tank top. Anyways, Summer is coming! Well... it's kinda Summer here already. I feel like there is no more Spring or Autumn these days and it's been like almost 30°C everyday. I'm already scared of "REAL" Summer that will come soon. It's gonna be hotter everyday little by little and I really need to get ready for this. Probably, I should get more tank tops and shorts or I shouldn't leave my house at all! HA.. But at least it's cool or cold inside buildings. Thanks to air conditoners!

Btw, What's your must-have item in Summer? What do you need to survive Summer?



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