Summer Breeze

Top: Watermelon Tee (YOODDSTORE) / Hat: Good Life Hat (YOODDSTORE)

Wow. I didn't think that my hair was this long but seems like it is. I'm pretty sure that some of you already noticed that I've been wearing hats a lot these days. It's actually to hide the roots of my hair.... I think I really have to do something with my hair! I might get a haircut or dye my hair soon. Anyways, the t-shirt I'm wearing is so cute! These little dots are all over and somehow it reminds me of a watermelon. The skirt I'm wearing is very tight but it's so stretch and really comfortable. I love all black look but I think green and white goes well together! What's your favourite colour or what colours do you like to match together? Let me know guys! 




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