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 Top: Fringe Denim Top ( YOODDSTORE ) / Bottom: Festival Denim Shorts ( YOODDSTORE ) / Bag: Mirror Bag ( YOODDSTORE ) / Boots:  & Other Stories

Top: Fringe Denim Top (YOODDSTORE) / Bottom: Festival Denim Shorts (YOODDSTORE) / Bag: Mirror Bag (YOODDSTORE) / Boots: & Other Stories

Most of the times I wear casual outfits and denim items are one of my favourites in Summer! So here comes my summer combo. I matched top and shorts in denim. I'm not much of a dress / skirt person so this is how I dress on weekday. Easy and comfy! I heard that it's going to be raining from today (yes, it's rainy season here now..) and probably I won't be able to take pictures outside often for a while so I'm thinking of taking pictures indoor! and it's not going to be pictures only, maybe with some video! So stay tuned! 


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