Full Aussie & Ricotta Cheese Hotcakes at Bills, Korea

If you like pancakes and you are looking for brunch place in Seoul.

Bills, Korea.


My favourite girl Chloe came to Seoul and we had a brunch together at Bills. It was too hot that day and we decided to meet at shopping mall. Bills is one of the popular brunch places in Lotte World Mall. Lotte World Mall is just next to the Lotte World Tower which is the the highest building in Seoul, Korea. They are actually still under constructions but they partially opened the shopping mall from 2014. We went there around 1:30pm and there were already many people on the queue. I think we waited for about 30 minutes. After watching the menu, we ordered lemon-aid for drink, Full Aussie and Ricotta Cheese Hotcakes. I had little search before going there and it seemed like the ricotta cheese hotcakes are their signature menu. The lemon-aid came first and it was so good. I don't really like soda or some little too sweet drinks but this one was less sweet than other aids that I had in Korea. It was more like sparking water with fresh lemon and there were lots of lemon in it, really fresh! and soon, we had Full Aussie. They served us big plate with full of different food. There were grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and bread! I personally love love grilled tomatoes so it was good and the bacon was great too as I prefer the thick one and they gave me that one. Also the eggs were soft and delicious. Everything was tasty. The portion was enough for two I think and finally, we had the Ricotta Cheese Hotcakes. They were really delicious. Between the pancakes, there were ricotta cheese and it made the pancakes extra soft and it melted away as soon as I put them in my mouth! 

Check out Bills Korea website : http://www.billskorea.com/en/




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