Dore Dore - The cutest dessert cafe in Seoul, Korea.


Dore Dore

The cutest dessert cafe in Seoul, Korea.




Hey there! It's Day and today I'd like to show you guys one of the cutest cafes in Seoul, Korea! Dore Dore is a dessert cafe which is famous for rainbow cake and with all the adorable looking but also delicious cakes. They've got quite popular here and have many branches almost everywhere in Korea now but their fist opened cafe that located in Garosugil, just re-opened their place recently. If you ever plan to come visit Seoul or love those kind of cafe, it's worth to visit. Check the map on below for the location.


Dore Dore used to have just typical cafe looking interior before but after the renewal, this place turned out really cute and lovely. Now it is called Dore Dore Art Village. They painted outside of their building to pink so it just catches your eyes whenever you pass by it and it's not only about outside. You really have to get in to see what it is like inside. So colourful! Every floors of this place have a unique look with different colours. Also, being there was like somehow being in the place that I imagined to be when I was a kid. It gave me happy vibes and sweet&tasty cakes made me even happier. For those of you who like sweets and cute things, it would be good place to visit and you will probably enjoy the experience.


ook at them! They are talking to you like "Eat me please!"


If you are visiting Dore Dore for the first time, I would recommend you the rainbow cake as a safe choice. Most of times when I go there, I order rainbow cake called Thank you cake(Thank you is the name of it!) When I first saw that cake, I excepted it to be really sweet. I mean something that is too sweet but actually it wasn't too sweet and very tasty. I haven't tried all of their cakes but personally, I'm not a huge fan of their tiramisu. My second best choice would be Dore Pie with cherry flavour.


This is the Dore Pie(Cherry pie) I had when I visited. YUM!




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