Swedish Brand NA-KD.

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you a Swedish brand called NA-KD. Have you heard of it? NA-KD is a fashion brand but also an online store. I think they are like Swedish version of Nasty Gal. They have their own clothing label and as well as their online store. There are many other brands on their online store and you can find some familiar brands like Cheap Monday, Free People, Quay, Flippa K, BLK DNM, Calvin Klein, Motel Rocks and etc. One of my favourite online store is ASOS and there are many reasons I like that store but free delivery system is one that I like the most. If you like ASOS, Nasty Gal kind of stores, you might like NA-KD as well. They have great selection of fashion items and they ship worldwide for free! These are some items that I like from the store.

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1. Jacket Click / 2. Dress Click / 3. Dress Click / 4. Shirt Click / 5. Bomber Jacket Click / 6. Dress Click

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Cya !