ISA KNOX x Disney's Bambi Collection!

Hey everyone! It's Day again :) I came back with lovely Bambi today! Have anyone heard about Korean beauty brand called ISA KNOX? I would like to show you guys really cute cosmetic collection. ISA KNOX recently released their new cosmetic collection collaborated with Disney's Bambi. OMG. Bambi! I was so delighted to see their collection and fell in love with them as soon as I saw the pictures. Next day, I ran into the store and here they go. Lovely Bambi edition!




ISA KNOX x Disney's Bambi Collection!



I actually bought one of the cushion foundation from offline store first and ordered another foundation and cushion blusher online. Plus, it's my first time using cushion foundation and also the brand, ISA KNOX. I was super excited! There are two types of cushion foundation in the collection. One is called micro-foam cushion foundation(mint case) and another one is micro-foam cushion foundation silk cover(white case). Both casings feature adorable Bambi with floral laurels and 15g of refill foundation is also included in the box. It's like buy one and get one free!

I have tried the two types of foundations for my daily make up and as I mentioned, these two foundations have a bit different texture. The cushion foundation with mint case has matte finish and I think it is good for oily skin. Another one with white case has more dewy finish. It's almost like putting cream and foundation together on your face. I have oily and dry combination skin and sometimes it's too oily around my T zone if I use heavy cream. After using both foundations, I liked the micro-foam foundation(mint case) more.

I have tested the coverage as well. For me, concealing redness is quite important as I'd like to hide redness on my cheeks and both of them are good at coverage. Both of their foundations are SPF 50+/PA++ for sun protection!

I hope you enjoyed my review of ISA KNOX x Disney's Bambi Collection and have a great weekend!



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