Cafe OR ER in Seongsu dong, Seoul's Brooklyn.


Cafe or er in Seongsu dong, Seoul's Brooklyn.



Seongsu dong became hot spot in Seoul so fast as many young people visit there. This place was best known for its shoemakers and there used to be many factories and warehouses. You can still find some of them and many of cafes and restaurants are renovated from industrial facilities or residential place. People gave this place a nickname called "Seongsu Brooklyn/Seoul's Brooklyn. There days, many designers are moving in and opening their showrooms around Seongsu dong. Also, there are many small shops, cafes and restaurants. OR ER is one that I went to recently and this is a second branch of Zagmachi, the most famous cafe in this area. The best thing I like about the cafe is their cute garden. Plus, there are vintage looking speakers if you go up to the 2nd floor. They are just on the table and I loved that spot and their playlist! There are lots of great places that I like around this area. So, I might take a little adventure video in Seongsu-dong later!

Cya! :)