How to wear all black in Summer, Public Desire Shoes and Valfre Choker.

Top : Freckle(similar here) / Jeans : Cheap Monday(similar here) / Shoes : Public Desire / Choker : Valfre

Hi Guys! As it's my favourite colour, I just can't stop wearing black even in Summer. So I wore black from head to toe. This is How I wear black in Summer. ALL BLACK. (but warning! you can get sweaty and super hot.) Maybe some of you have seen my pictures with this lovely choker before on instagram. I've been wearing this ardorable Valfre choker a lot recently! Because it's just so cute and I love it so much. But there is a little problem. When I wear choker, I look like I have a very short neck. So I usually wear this with off the shoulder tops. Also, I just got my Public Desire shoes as well! YAY! I wanted to try the shoes first before actually buying them because of the size but there isn't anywhere that I can find these shoes in Korea so I had to order directly from the Public Desire's Website. It took about one week to arrive. Faster than my expectation! Anyways, These shoes are so pretty and I really love the bluish heels and how they look when I walk. I might going to write a review about them later again.


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