SHOP WITH ME - Reike Nen Seoul.


This will be fun! :)

As I love visiting stores and going shopping, I wanted to do something related to it. So, I decided to do some kind of "project". I'm going to introduce guys interesting designers/brands from Korea and also from around the world though my blog or youtube channel. I might visit their showrooms/stores. Or I might visit their studios/work spaces and interview them. It can be a shopping trip or it can be a meetup with unique individuals. When I visit stores or showrooms, I'd like to actually try some of their pieces if possible and style the look myself! I thought it would be nice to share things that I know or you might love to know! So that's it for now and to begin with, I visited somewhere recently!

Check this shoe heaven out!

Reike Nen Seoul

First brand I visited is Korean shoes brand called Reike Nen(레이크넨). Reike Nen is founded in 2010 by Rei Yoon Hongmi. Their shoes are classic but very modern. I love how they play out with the shape, colour and texture. 

I have wrote about Seoungsu-dong(성수동) before when I visited a cafe called OR ER(오르에르), this area used to be very industrial but turning into cool place these days and there are many shoes factories and shoes brand showrooms/studios! Reike Nen's showroom is also located in Seoungsu-dong.


서울 성동구 연무장1길 16, 1층
1F, 16 Yeonmujang 1-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Open hours
Mon - Fri    1pm - 7pm
Sat    1pm - 6pm
Closed on Sun.


If you'd like to know more about this brand, click here and check their website!