I saw some cute bejeweled socks recently and wanted to get some for myself. But they were quite pricy and what I wanted were sold out. So, I decided to do DIY and thought it would be cool if I make my own and this video is all about that. I went to Dongdaemun Jonghap Shijang(동대문종합시장) to buy the gems and once you get your gems, then you are already halfway done. Because this DIY is really easy to do. You can either sew the gems or glue and this will take only a few minutes to do so. (If you glue the pin on the back of gems, then you can easily remove them from the socks and this will be much easier to wash as well)

♥Gems from Dongdaemun Jonghap Shijang(동대문 종합시장)
266 Jong-ro, Jongno 5(o).6(yuk)ga-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea.

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